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Top 5 Women Drama That Men Just Can't Handle

Men hate drama even more than you can imagine. They don't want to date someone who is always in the middle of a fight because their stress will rub off on them. They prefer a rational girl who is only involved in conflict when absolutely necessary. This is why you should avoid dragging her into these types of relationship dramas:

Jealous drama.

He'll understand why spending time with his ex makes you uncomfortable - he might even be flattered. Of course, if you try to fight every girl who looks at him, he won't take it as a compliment. Jealousy ages quite quickly.

Facebook drama.

The only thing worse than fighting is fighting in public. If you have a fight with someone, your man is hoping you do it in private. If you do it online, so that everyone can see it, it will make you look bad. The last thing he wants is for his family to see you posting nasty messages on Facebook.

Drama seeking attention.

Some girls will start a random fight with their boyfriend, just to get attention. Of course, there are better ways to get your man to notice you. If you fight every time you feel neglected, the relationship will fall apart pretty quickly.

One-sided drama.

If you haven't seen an old enemy in years, there's no reason to complain every time you hear her name. She's probably moved on, so you should do the same. Holding a grudge is not healthy.

Ex-boyfriend drama.

Men don't like dating women who are still in contact with their exes. It makes everything messier, which is why he would prefer you to keep your distance from your old flames.

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