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Divorce Affair

Six Things Which Makes A Woman Lose Respect For A Man

Below are six things which makes a woman lose respect for a man;

1. Mistrust: little lies tend to injure your conscience and you start second guessing yourself and him. Being able to rely on you to be truthful and live with integrity is one of the most important things to a woman when in a relationship with you. It doesn’t matter if it’s a “little white lie” to “keep out of trouble with her” or a major fib that, if discovered, will have life altering ramifications, most women won’t tolerate their man routinely being dishonest.

2. No direction: you feel like you constantly have to keep directing the relationship because he has no clue as to where he wants things to go eg. towards marriage or not.

3. Not being able to provide: there may be seasons where the woman can be the main provider but if he isn't showing any effort to provide we lose respect.

4. Feeling like your second or third: when we feel like work, friends, parents etc are always first before you. We woman feel validated when we know we are no. 1 in his eyes.

5. No initiative: life gets busier especially when it comes to raising a family and it's nice to have a man who you do not need to keep asking for help with eg, housework, looking after kids, cooking etc.

6. Infidelity and obvious flirting

Research has revealed that Post Infidelity Stress Disorder is one of the classical signs that can follow cheating episodes in marriages. Since this can threaten a woman’s emotional wellbeing and psychological health, she may end up relating with her husband in ways that can make him feel as though he is being disrespected.

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