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Sadhguru and Prof I hit on what love really is.

Sadhguru and Prof I share different religious views but their teachings are mostly similar. This is because they are both mystic beings with much insight into both physical and spiritual worlds. Their teachings on love has no difference. I think it’s worth sharing.

Until you begin not to feel that thing you call LOVE in your heart, is just an attachment not love. Love is a state of being and it can't be felt at a particular part of the body. We dwell in love; we don't feel love. Anything felt is just a responds to a rising adrenaline, and it is emotional, disastrous and short spanned.

Anything felt in the heart can lead to death, because you only feel something in the heart when the heart is given extra job (too much blood to pump). That is why people behave out of mind when happy, angry, excited, sad etc. So if what you call love can make you behave out of your mind, you better redefine it.

Love knows no control; you only strive to be in control because of your feeling for others. Feelings about other is as a result of our attachments to others, and this bleed jealousy and envy. To save ourselves from this jealousy and envy, we strive to be in control of others.

Until you are psychologically able to coexist independently with others, there is nothing like love but attachments. Love only leads to acceptance, appreciations, respect for individual differences and guidance. Know this and save your relationship with others.”

Their explanation of love is clear enough to set us free from unnecessary attachments and discrimination. 

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