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"Crashing Into You" - 3 Plain Questions A Woman Would Ask If She Is Interested In You

Crushing and making a woman fall for you like the "walls of Jericho" is the utmost desire of ever man. A woman may have feelings for you would find it very difficult to make it plain to you. This is what place most guys as stale as to whether approach and propose love to her or just let sleeping dogs lie. Women are lovely creatures which needs in-depth understanding to be able to make them chase or fall for you. There are some plain questions every woman would ask you if she is interested in you. It wouldn't be a clear question but you have to digest it very well to know the content and either to respond positively or negatively to that. Here are a host of questions a woman might ask you.

"Can I Meet Your Girlfriend"

This is the most frequent questions that as an Alpha Male you would have more women asking of they're interested in your. Every young woman wants to be with a cute guy who is capable of taking very good care of himself and managing his own affairs. They normally tend to ask such questions to know your relationship status if you are single, in a relationship or married.

"What Is You Kind Of Girl"

Another bait up plain question a woman would ask if she is really interested in you. They want to know if they fall into your specks and how you going to treat them if they peep into the future as your girlfriend. Be very smart as an Alpha Male not to let her play on your intelligence. Be quick to listen and slow to listen since this would stir up more emotions whenever with you.

"How Is Your Family"

This might sound a bit funny but trust me, it isn't. No woman wants be in a relationship that is not accepted by her prospective in laws. They would want to know if your family really likes people and how they receive visitors. They also want to be around you anytime you want to visit your parents or have a discussion with them.

As an Alpha Male, haven done your quick research, there you can bounce if you really also like her or make sleeping dogs lie. Please follow me for more interesting gist from the love and angel.

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