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Romantic Love Questions To Ask Your Partner

Sometimes couples on a date can feel stale and boring talking about old or the same topics all the time. Such as talking about the kids, work and others shouldn't be the main topic to discuss when trying to reconnect.

My article today is a list of some romantic questions to ask your boyfriend, husband, wife or girlfriend when in a relationship.

Romantic love message.

1.Do you like kissing or hugging more?

2.Do you ever get jealous when you see me talking to attractive people?

3.Do you dream about me.

4.Do you believe that i love you

5.What will i do to make you trust me more

6.When we hang out with friends, do i make you feel you're still my priority

7.What was the very first thing you thought about me when we met

8.When did you first think i was attractive

9.What a question you've never asked me

10. Where do you want to be living in the next 10 years

11.Who was your first crush

12. Who did you first kisses with

13.Do you think you're an introvert or extrovert

14.If you could see into the future, what would you want to know

15. What is the best thing about our relationship

Ask your partners these romantic questions to increase your feelings of closeness and romance.

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