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A Man Proposes to a Physically Challenged Pure Water Seller: See The Reactions of Facebook Users

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Some concerned people have taken to social media, Facebook to be precise, to express their sentiments regarding a post which stated that a man (the name wasn't disclosed) has allegedly proposed to a physically challenged hawker upon knowing that she has been supported with 14 million cash. This post wasn't left ajar, some concerned social media users threw in their reactions. Image 1: A physically challenged hawker at her business

Men are men because they are moved not only by what they see but also by what they desire to have. Men who love money will chase women who have plenty of them regardless of their physical appearance, the work they do, family background and what have you. A man can do everything possible to make a woman believe that he loves her hundred per cent.

A recent post by Lizzy magazine has awoken the quietness of some Facebook users and has caused them to admonish an anonymous man who has expressed interest in a physically challenged pure water seller. According to the Facebook post, the man proposes to this lady (see image 1) after she was supported with cash of over 14 million. Image 2: The Facebook post and a picture of the hawker that is causing a stir

Though the said man's identity has been hidden, many of the Facebook users have jabbed him for his unsympathetic action towards physically challenged hawker. Many of them didn't understand why the man didn't propose to the lady when she had nothing and perhaps, was considered a nobody and had to wait till she had been supported with that amount before doing the proposal.

Others hold the thought that the anonymous man did what he did because of the lady's money and that he has no love or whatsoever for her. He was also classified as heartless and has no sense of joy at all for trying to use dubious means to sap all the money she had gained from people's philanthropic deeds.

Have a look at some of the comments that came from some Facebook users; Image 3: Some Facebook user's reactions to the post

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Source of the article: Lizzy Magazine

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