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"Pursue Your Mission" - 3 Weird Reasons Men Enter Into Relationships

Pursuing mission is the sole desire of every guy when it comes to love matters. You can't actually hop into a ship or car without knowing where you are heading towards. Your ability to realise why you are in the game would energize you to work harder. Women are special beings created and you need to take conscious effort in understanding them. Well, I've lived my life as an Alpha Male very well and it's time to relinquish the baton to you.

Nobody actually wins the race the first time and it's similar to the flirting and love game. There are various reasons most guys enter into a relationship and you should also know your "why" before you enter in a relationship. Here are some weird reasons most guys enter into a relationship.

1. Loneliness

Being lonely is one of the saddest thing that can happen to a man. Until I moved from being a fake nice guy to an Alpha Male, I've been lonely for so many years without a girlfriend. Not that I'm not good looking but I'm very shy to approach a woman. You might be in the same shoe I was but until you rise up from being average, you would continue to remain lonely. Get up from your comfort zone and work harder.

2. Finding True Love

Also, it's not surprising that's guys of Friday enter into a relationship just to find true love. Yes, it's really indeed to find true love since most women are interested in money than in love. Many also keep wondering if true love really exist. That is a debatable question which needs only expect to come out to showcase their talents. I believe in true love and that it exist.

3. Pressure From Families

I've come into contact guys who revealed to me that they entered into a relationship because of pressure from family members. In our African society, such thing is common but as a newbie in the game, you need not to be pushed before you enter into a relationship. Approach the woman you feel attracted to and make out a very nice conversation with her. It is the little drops of conversation that grows both into a lovebirds. 

Thank you for reading.

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