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Does True Love Ever Die? 6 Signs It’s Real Love

The ancient Greeks described Eros as an infatuation and physical attraction shared between two people. This initial chemistry can last anywhere from one month to infinity. Couples can make their love last a lifetime if they are willing to put in the time, effort, and commitment.

1. Pronouns are important.

Personal pronouns can have a great effect on marital conflict. Increases in desirable interactions, such as "We are planning a vacation." True love exists when partners think of each other as a team and, at the same time, do not lose their sense of self.

2. Attendance

Phubbing has been linked to an increase in depression and a decline in marital satisfaction. A study of 243 married adults found that partners who spend too much time on their phones end up ignoring their spouses. Phubbing may seem trivial, but it has the potential to make true love die.

3. Continue to get to know one another

Statistics show that a couple is most likely to divorce after eight years of marriage. As time passes, the effects of dopamine begin to wane and can cause boredom in the relationship. One way you can keep the spark alive is by continuing to get to know your spouse.

4. Spend time together in and out of the bedroom.

Spending quality time with your spouse is deeply important for keeping the spark alive. This is one night a week (or at the very least, once a month) where couples put work aside and get away from the kids to spend some much-needed quality time.

5. Look after yourself.

If you want to keep your partner's interest over the years, you should focus on taking care of yourself. Couples benefit when they spend quality time together, but time alone is equally as important. Love thrives when people understand the value of having their own space and giving it to their partner.

6. Participate in hobbies together

The most common reasons for divorce are infidelity, drinking or drug use, growing apart, and incompatibility. Spending time together regularly is a great way to prevent growing apart. Will true love die when you love the same things and share them with someone who shares them too?

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