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Happiness in marriage is much more important than doing expensive wedding-Georgina Rodriguez

Georgina Rodriguez is a model and also the girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo. They have dated for a long time and they love each other. Georgina Rodriguez has announced a documentary on Netflix and this documentary features Cristiano Ronaldo her husband or boyfriend. This documentary is about their lovely relationship and Cristiano Ronaldo will be part of this documentary. The title of the documentary is "I am Georgina".

Base on this documentary and she was asked why they chose to do a secret wedding. She replied that happiness in marriage is much more important than doing an expensive wedding".It doesn't if they have done a secret wedding or they are not officially married what matters is the happiness. She is really happy with Cristiano Ronaldo and they love themselves. Being happy with your partner is the most important thing in marriage.

This statement has made a lot of people amazed because they thought they are rich and they could have done a big wedding. They did a secret wedding but it is not official and they Don't care about that but they care about their happiness. It makes sense you can do an expensive wedding and later you will not find happiness in the marriage so doing an expensive wedding doesn't matter but being happy is the most important thing.

The picture shows how happy they are as a family. Since they started dating they have not been any bad news about them. This picture was Cristiano Ronaldo's 36th birthday and they were celebrating it for Cristiano Ronaldo. They are always leaving a good lifestyle and also try to make their family nice and lovely. They have a lot of money that they could have used to do an expensive wedding but they choose not to do it. They think happiness is much more important than doing an expensive marriage. Everything shows that they are happy as a family and there is peace.

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