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6 Signs That Show It's Time To Let Go A Best Friend

To get a friend is usual and common but to get a best friend is very rare. Having someone to share your happiness and problems with is not easy to find. One of the greatest pleasures in life is to find someone who makes you happy, secure and safe. Someone you wish would stay with you forever. It is therefore not easy to lose such a person in your life. However, trying to savage a friendship that’s not meant to last does more harm than good. There are times you just have to let go a best friend. Loving someone means doing your best for them even they hurt you. Here are signs that justify when you have to let go a best friend.

Second guessing the friendship

There will be times you may not want to admit it but the earlier you do so, the better. When you start to second guess or doubt your friendship, it raises some question marks. It gets to a point where both of you change so much that you have nothing in common to share or talk about. A time where you begin to question whether the friendship is worth it. Conversations that you are supposed to laugh about or make some funny gestures seem like forced conversations. 

You don’t communicate anymore

Communication is always the key for a stronger friendship. When it gets to a time when you don’t communicate at all with your best friend and neither of you are making efforts to get together even though thoughts of him or her runs through your mind, then it’s time to let go. You may pretend it’s normal not to communicate but it’s so unusual for best friends to live for months and years without communicating. 

You want to pursue different things

Everyone has a goal in this life and if the two of you have contrasting goals which you think can affect each other, then you will have to move on. 

You’ve found new friends

Another clear sign that tells that you have to let go your best friend is when you find new friends who you feel more comfortable with than your old friend. When you begin to feel that nothing is clicking between the two of you just as it used to be, then it’s time to move on.

They’ve broken your trust

The foundation of every friendship or ‘best' friendship is trust. Without trust, two or more people can never live peacefully and happily. If you’ve been hurt so badly that you cannot hold on because your trust is being broken, then just move on.

When you are the only one holding on

When you are close with someone as a best friend and it seems you are the only one making effort or fighting for the friendship, then you have to leave the friendship. When the other friend do not show any commitment or whatsoever, that person is not fit for your labour of love.

Never hold on if you get the opportunity to walk away thinking things will get better. It will only get worse and the earlier you depart, the better. 

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