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Our age mates are broke and immature that is why we date big men - Pent girls

Pent hall is one of the most popular halls in the University of Ghana. Many girls and boys who you see there are very rich, handsome and beautiful. A lot of students love to be in Pent hall because it is very popular at the University of Ghana. There was an interview done in Pent hall and this interview was to ask the girls there why they don't like their age mates and they always love to date those older than them or big men.

The first beautiful girl they interviewed was called Anna and she said:" they don't like dating their age mates because they are broke and immature".They also like lying too much and are always cheating on you. As for the big men they have the money and they know how to pamper the ladies. They are also mature because they will never tell others whenever they sleep with you.

This beautiful lady also shared her view on the issue. She said dating your age mates is not easy because they like stressing too much. Every time they want to call you and if you don't pick it they will be angry with you. They also don't have enough money to take good care of the ladies. As for the big men they have money and the highest amount I have received from my big man was 7,000 Ghana cedis. He takes good care of me and also pampers me very well.

This girl's reply was too harsh because she thinks is a waste of time to date your age mates. They can't offer you anything good and sometimes they expect you the girl to give them money. They are broke and they can't provide for our needs. Dating your age mates won't help you because they will just play with you and waste your time.

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