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#Daterush; Top (4) Most Handsome Guys TV3 Daterush Had Ever Produced.

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Hello my fellow readers and followers, I hope each and everyone is doing good by the Almighty God's grace?

As I always entertain and feed you guys with all the latest, educative and interesting articles around the world of entertainment, I'm here once again to bring you guys this interesting article that will make your day.

TV3 Daterush is one of the most-watched entertainment and dating shows in the country so far. With so many episodes in season 1 to 5, TV3 Daterush produced young handsome guys and beautiful ladies which help them become celebrities with their musical and acting talents.

In this article, I'm here to show my top 4 handsome guys I've seen so far since the show started. Below are the list;

4. IMA

IMA is a very nice looking guy who after several heartbreak, finally got himself a date with Frema in ongoing season 5.

3. Bebelino

Bebelino was a contestant in season 4 who also got a date with Sandra.

2. Philip

Philip is a well gentleman who after his quite and dissapointing journey finally settled and win the heart of Efya (Candibel) in season 5.

1. Raymond

A guy who got most the ladies heartbroken with his handsome face and gentleness. Raymond is the first in my list.

What do you also think? If you think someone should be replace by other, let me know your thoughts below.

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