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Divorce Affair

It is a Sign Of End Time: The Tribe Where Girls Must Have An Affair With Their Own Father (Photos)

If you're a critic who has never believed in strange happenings that are frequently reported around the world, this is another strange one for you. In one community because after marriage, a female cannot leave her house since she marries her biological father.

A lot of amazing things are happening everywhere, while the spread of lesbianism and other same sex affair is now thriving in Africa, we are still yet to experience this type of weird culture in our continent.

In general, many African traditions and Biblical beliefs hold that fathers should not date their biological daughters, and that this is considered adultery.

Throughout most African societies, being romantic with a close family member isn't allowed. Considering the stigma attached with adultery, the Bangladeshi ‘Mandi' group continues to practise it.

Ladies from the community are said to never think of meeting a man who will take her with him, but instead of that, they fantasize of marrying their father. And it's all down to the village's unique culture.

Do you think this type of practice should be allowed in our society? Let's hear your own opinion

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