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Man dumps his girlfriend for calling another woman a Horse

Man dumps his girlfriend for calling another woman a Horse

Oki Bernard has ended his two-year friendship with his woman after she used offensive words towards another woman. Oki who celebrated his birthday yesterday did so in the company of others who have given and shown him kindness ever since he started his career as a one-man businessman. Oki is a man who has a degree but because of unemployment issues, he went from being a graduate to washing cars, where someone saw him and decide to help him. Oki was at the car wash in 2017 after trying countless times to get employment, when a Toyota highlander machine came through for him to wash. He confronted the man who was still sitting in the car to get down so they can start washing the car. The man was in a hurry for a meeting and instructed him to only wash the body of the car while he sat in the car with the engine on.

Oki did his best and washed the car to the satisfaction of the owner who even gave him an extra 20 as a tip. Eva who was sitting in the front passenger seat whiles her brother sat in the driver seat, was amazed at the work Oki has done. Eva gave her card to Oki to call him after work so she can invite him to come and wash her car which was in the house. They had the previous night, attended a party on a muddy road which had made all the cars dirty, as Eva drove with her brother to town. Oki called Eva after four in the evening and she gave him the direction to the house. Oki within an hour had washed all the four cars on the compound. Eva found Oki to be hardworking and engaged him in talks while he did the car washing.

Oki made Eva knew about the hardship of life that made him landed as a graduate working at car washing bays. Eva through his brothers was able to get Oki a retail shop so he can manage himself. Oki took the goods on credit from Eva's mother and sold them before he was able to make the payment. They gave him the shop for free and Oki who started in 2017 with no worker, now has five workers working under him. Oki's life was changed totally by Eva and he couldn't be grateful for the kindness Eva had shown him. They began a serious friendship but they found out they were not compatible after various testing. Oki was AS while Eva AS and that made it impossible medically to have a family together. 

Eva called the friendship off when Oki couldn't do it and they became normal friends on the streets. They both made it not to call each other always so they can allow themselves to find other people. Oki met Adjoa who was a graduate of UPS and was able to get her on track after he found out she was medically compatible with him. Oki had plans of marrying Adjoa but her attitude had made him cancel all his plans as he parted ways with her this morning. Oki invited Adjoa for a dinner on his birthday yesterday, and they bump into Eva at the mall. Oki left Adjoa to interact with Eva for few minutes and came back to her to continue their dinner together.

Adjoa after finding out Oki and Eva were once happy tight friends, made some assumptions in her head which transformed into chatting with her friend Pearl about her beauty. Adjoa did not understand why Oki will go out with Eva looking at her facial appearance, and went to the extreme length of calling Eva a horse, meaning she looks ugly. Oki found out when Pearl, sent her screenshots of their conversations so he Oki can talk Adjoa down so she doesn't insult others. Pearl herself wasn't that beautiful and felt offended when Adjoa used the insulting word on Eva, and wanted Oki to talk her down so she can control her emotions sometimes.

Oki this morning invited Eva to his shop while Adjoa was there with him and asked Adjoa to apologise to Eva for insulting her. Eva felt embarrassed when she found out the words Adjoa had used for her when she hasn't even met her face to face before, and it was only yesterday that she Adjoa, saw her chatting with Oki at the mall. Adjoa refused to apologise for her insults on the basis that the chats weren't her. Oki after trying for over thirty minutes sacked Adjoa from the shop this morning for lying to him and for insulting another woman because of her looks. Oki took his ring from Adjoa before pushing her into a taxi which drove off. Adjoa declined to talk over the issue that the chats were not hers and couldn't give Oki her password to check her phone either it was hers or not.

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