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Prostitutes Beat A Client Who Refused To Pay For The Services One Of Them Offered To Him.

Welcome to my platform, writing for Ghana's favorite entertainment news blog is what I love doing. I'm always bringing the best news to you. Don't forget to like, share, comment, and follow to enjoy my next article.These prostitutes in the above picture ganged up and beat a client mercilessly after refusing to pay the money they had agreed upon after satisfying the man.

The commotion started when the prostitute finished satisfying the man and she asked for her money. The man was giving excuses which the prostitute got pissed off at , because they have already agreed upon the amount to be paid after everything.

The prostitute got angry and called her friends who were also involved in the prostitution business, after explaining everything to her friends they came to the hotel in which they were.

They beat up the man who was covered in shame and informed him that this is not a free business and no one chews them on credit. They took pictures of the man. The man was very ashamed of himself.

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