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VIDEO: Guy Seems Not To Be Exhausted As Lady Was Trying To Put Him In The Mood

Every man needs time to regain his energy after a sexual round. This is because the kind of energy released from a man when he cums is very high. Some men regain their energy after 20 to 30 minutes, others two to three hours. Some men will not like to have another round until the next day.

There is currently some viral video circulating on social media showing two young black men having a good time with white fat ladies. Checking the image below, one of the guys is highly in the mood for another sexual intercourse after many sexual rounds but the other one isn't.

Looking at the images in this article, one of these fat white ladies has climbed one black man and she is smooching, kissing and romancing him for the real action to take place. But the other guy seems to be tired after several sexual rounds. The lady was trying everything she can to seduce this young man but he was not responding to her seduction.

Looking at the facial expression of these young black men, they might probably be between the ages of 20 and 30 years old. But these white ladies might be in their 40s or 50s. Some Ghanaians believe that these young men sleep with 'sugar mummies' for money.

The young man in your picture above seems to be tired of the game. The white lady was kissing, smooching and romancing him but still, the young man refuse to give it to her. He was captured looking at this lady with some anger within him. It appears he wanted to tell her to stop but he can't.

You can also watch the video through the link below:

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