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Wedding planning scene

Bride left stunned after ex she left for being broke storms her wedding to spray cash (video)

The bride was dumbfounded when her ex-husband walked into the wedding to spray cash.

According to the story, the woman left the man with the explanation that he was broken and unable to meet his needs. This is the reason why their promising relationship ended abruptly, and the woman moved in with another man.

After years of separation, the guy decides to work on himself to prove to his ex-girlfriend that he can work hard to do something useful for himself.

He decides to storm his ex's marriage for a waste of money with the basic message that their decision to balance it is wrong, immature, and unhappy.

The bride's expression said a lot about her regret, she obviously wished she had made a better decision.

The man came in with a suitcase full of money and sprayed the couple on the front desk. It was an embarrassing moment for the bride, but a moment of pride for the man she left because he was broke.

Check out the video below:

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