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Father And His 21-Year Old Daughter In a Relationship For 9 Years Finally Speak Up

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A lot of people say that wonders shall never end. Sometimes we say it may end but the world we are in is full of surprises and things that happen mostly shock us. People love to be close to their parents mostly. Our parents are like our first points of contact if there is any situation. We adore them and we always pray for them to have long life so they can see us when we grow up and also have children. Day in day out, we hear news of people who may fall in love with their parents, aunties or uncles. This may seem to many as immoral but it all boils down to the type of connection between the parents and their children. It may not be the best but feelings between two people cannot just be blocked or hindered.

A woman who has been seen in a funny relationship with her father for 9 years has refused to end it. For the past 9 years, she has been going to bed with her father. Reports gathered by indicate that the girl and her father started having this sort of relationship when she was just 12 years. They used to do what the man does with his wife in the bedroom.

After some time, she discovered that she was pregnant. This lady pointed out another gentleman the father of her baby. Later people found out that her father was the one who impregnated her.

There is an ongoing investigation and the father of the lady has been charged with statutory rape since he started sleeping with his daughter when she was still a minor.

Since she has refused to end the relationship, there is a commotion now in the family.

What can they do now?

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