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7 reasons why women don't like you

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Let's have a real chat here because i feel like a lot of guys are clueless. Reason why you continue to be unsuccessful with women is because you're paying no mind to certain things that speak louder than your perceived kind gestures. Why don't women like you? I'll tell you.

Today I present to you seven reasons why women don't like you.

1. You're too loud

You are too loud and i get it. When your adrenaline and your testosterone mix it can sometimes be a big turn off for women who don't necessarily want to see or engage the loudest guy in the room because they come across as very abnoxious full of themselves.

Don't respect anyone, they think they're self made and don't need anybody by their side. That could unknowingly be pushing women away from you even before you had the chance to say hello. There are some guys who are just too loud.

2. You live an uninspiring life

I mean listen,you're hanging around with your boys all the time,playing video games and she doesn't seem to see you doing anything worth anything. In as much as women like men who are fun,they also like men who are ambitious and i am soo sorry but you can't win this relationship game if you're going nowhere.

Nobody wants to associate with a loser to be honest and if she can't seem to figure you out and see that "this is the guy that has got his future figured out" there is no ways she's going to follow you.

For most women, if you have money its a great incentive for them but there are other crops of women out there who do not look at money at all. In actual fact, they are more interested in what you bring to the table,where you're going,how big your dreams are and that kind of stuff.

That is what they look out for because at the end of the day if she goes for a self-made man, he's already self made. She will feel unimportant and not every woman likes that kind of things

If you have an uninspiring life, people can't see what's going on for you and they don't know anything about your dreams. I'm not saying you should be out there telling your dream to everyone but you should be seen wanting to do something better to improve and change your circumstances. Women find that really attractive.

3. Wrong approach at first sight

There are a lot of guys who jump in front of a woman at a party and straight away you go ahead to compliment her body,her looks and how it's all very superficial and physical.

Yes there are some women who like that but there are alot of them who are also turned off by it. So if you start to throw out that "oh baby you're looking sexy" kind of vibe as soon as you see her you might lose her.

This is because at the end of the day she doesn't want it to be about her body or her looks. She doesn't need your validation to know she's gorgeous and pretty.

Men who are really expressive when it comes to women's physical attributes,you could be losing out big time on women who do not appreciate that kind of conversation. You might want to pay a little bit more attention to the way you approach women.

Don't go in directly and start complimenting her body. She wants to think that you're actually interested in stuff beyond the physical. You are not going to know these things immediately and i know the first thing that would attract you to even want to engage with her is the way she looks.

It's understandable, but through conversation you can get her to open up to you and get a good sense of the kind of person she is and what she wants to do etc without it coming across as just in for her body. That's a really big turn off.

4. You're too Arrogant

This tends to happen alot with men who feel like they have come as far as they have without anybody's help. "Self-made man" don't get me wrong,confidence is actuay sexy but there's a really thin line between being confident and it dovetailing into arrogance.

Usually this comes through with the way you interact with the woman that you just met or the woman are trying to woo . It comes across as a big turn off because people who are arrogant are usually self-absorbed.

It's all about themselves " i did this and i did that" and everytime you talk about "i", it's less about her. But she wants to know that she's going out with the man who actually loves her and cares about what she thinks,about where she is going,who thinks about her dreams too and how you can make an imput into her life.

5 Your Appearance

Your appearance is "blah" and that cuts across. You're not clean shaving, maybe you managed to buy some expensive perfume and you smell nice but at the end of the day you look soo scruffy.

You don't seem to have your life together,appearance is everything. I know that some people are blessed with better looks and that's ok. In this world we all can't look like the Hollywood stars but not all good looking people necessarily are successfully when it comes to relationships and why is that?

Because at the end of the day it doesn't really matter about how you look. I mean looks matter but their not everything if you know know what i mean.

You can be a really handsome guy and yet have a really bad attitude and that alone is going to push women away from you. Pay extra attention to you're appearance because women are attracted to that.

6. You talk too much

Women detest men who seem to know everything. You know the answers to everything, you will give the answers to everything and you'll not listen to anybody else's opinion on the matter because you seem to have it all figured out.

Nobody likes to know it all and there are alot of men who in their quest to impress women just go really overboard with this whole "i know everything" lifestyle

At the end of the day, such men even try to tell you how you should feel. Lades will rather choose that guy who listens to their opinion on things over you who will order her around.

Just keep the talking on the minimum,people start to get bored when you don't know where to start. Ladies don't like talkatives

7. You're too Clingy

This one can be cute but can also get really unattractive very fast if you're too clingy. Depending on the level of your relationship,how far you've gone whether you just met the woman or not,She doesn't always want you in her space.

It's nice to check up on her once,maybe in the morning or maybe in the evening. A little message here and there but when it grows into something where you constantly want to be with her and you're not giving her space to breathe

You're just like "i don't want you to go out with your friends, you'll meet other guys" don't do that. Sometimes the love is soo deep and you want to have that amazing woman all to yourself but remember she's an individual, she has a life too

She has things she has to do and she doesn't always want to be with you just like you may also not want to be with her always as well

These are a couple of points for my brothers out there, i hope it helps and i hope you are able to turn things around and increase your chances of landing the girl of your dreams.

Why don't women like you? Because you do this things. Kindly share your thoughts with us, if you have a question or an opinion,just leave it in the comment section below.

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