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Fiction: I never knew my girlfriend I dated for 3 years had died long before I even met her

It was an extraordinary moment when I discovered that the girl who had been with me for 3 years, long before I met her, had died. Samuel, as people call me, looking for love for years, I pray and want to find a girl who loves me very much.

I live in my own house because I want to go out before my wedding, one Saturday morning after returning from the meeting I saw a woman, she was beautiful like an angel, she had bright eyes, I stopped to see them ask, she told me Kate, Kate is right -really beautiful, I want to be with her soon. So we exchanged phone numbers and went with each other, I brought her to my house, she showed me love and I said to myself that I found a woman, she was always by my side, but the strange thing about her is that she is barely go. I never knew why I knew so little that she was dying long before I met her.

I introduced him to my family members, our love grew stronger, two years later we started planning the names we would give our children and how much we wanted. We had so much fun together and until now I wish he wasn't like him. One day, at 3 years and 4 months of age, I met a friend of a guy who introduced me to a new business and I thought of taking him over to my house for breakfast while I told my girlfriend to eat. Cook.

One day when my friend Michael walked in, he was sitting in the living room while I called my friend to bring us our food. When he came out I saw this amazing thing, my friend saw Michael when he looked at him and - Jesus was crying and the plates and food he was holding fell straight to the floor, soaked into the kitchen and I never saw him again. I searched the entire kitchen for hours as if looking for a pin but then I couldn't find it. My friend told me it was his coworker 4 years ago and he died in a fatal accident when he met her that day. His funeral is here. I fell and cried because I was with him for 3 years because I never knew about it. I often wonder if I can date ghosts.

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