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How To Know A Pretty Face From A Pretty Heart

The pretty face and a pretty heart is a two different ball game together.

Most of the time when guys are going to propose to a woman their first consideration is how beautiful the that woman is.

Same with girls, before they accept a guy's proposal they consider the physical stature and the looks of that guy.

The reason why they do that is, people always want to consider the physical appearance of others when it comes to issue of love.

Also most people before proposing or accepting a proposal considers what others will think about them should they see them with such partners.

Due to the above many people have lost their right partners they should have gotten married to.

The pretty face is partially good but a pretty heart supercede all.

But the reason why people still consider the pretty face is, it's a physical thing unlike the heart.

In this article I want to write about three ways to see a beautiful heart in a relationship.

1. A person with a beautiful heart is the one whose personality is highly warm. Such a person is very friendly to his or her man.

He or she is very kind to the partner, considerable and lovable.

2. He or she considers the feelings of the partner when taking any decision. The reason is he or she doesn't want his or her happiness to hurt the partner.

3 . These partners have listening quality than speaking power.

He or she speaks softly to the partner no matter how angry the person is. They listen much but speaks a little. They make sure words that comes out of the mouth are seasoned with salt.

They have a higher sense of sentiment and strictly compult themselves in all situations no matter how angry they are.

Finally beauty in reality definition depends on a person's purity of soul and mind. Because a beautiful heart is a light to the face.

Only people with beautiful heart can sustain a relationship forever. At the end of the day a person in a relationship will be remembered by his her beautiful heart but not her beautiful face.

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