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Breaking the ancestral curse

How your family members do sees you? How your work colleges do sees you? How your friend does see you? Who are you? In all this while as you have been working here and there in all your problems and in all your praise in the time of your joy. Who we are that we are not supposed to be, we normalized it because we have heard people saying that is what we are. And that what we are and we doing nothing about it we have normalize this and we are accepting this. And the same thing that we have normalized has now become a canker. It has become a problem, it is destroying us and it has move to our children, destroying our children.   

A spirit has posses us, a spirit is destroying us. There is a form of spirit that has change who we are. Those who have no eye when they look at us, they see us as a normal human being, they see you beautiful woman. But when they come closer to you, you become an annoyance onto them. Those who eye see you as an animal. Those that can help you when look at them, they turn their face away from you because they don’t see their fellow human being in you, they see some animal. You actually need their help, yes you need their help and you have gone to the right source for that help and somehow you know help will come from them. David said I will lift up my eye onto the hill from where come my help, my help come from the Lord who made heaven and the earth and somehow you’ve gone to the Lord and ask Him God I need your help and even the Lord who created you have seen that you’ve change completely. You are the same person He created. You are possessed with an animal spirit and take a particular eye to see something is wrong with you.

Today I pray that anything that is coming from your blood line, any curse coming from your blood line that has work against you all these years, I prophesy it shall stop now. It can not affect you again in the name of Jesus

Any spirit of poverty, any wicked spirit, unfinished business, I pray if it coming from your blood line, I stop it now in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. AMEN 

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