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"We went for 8 rounds but I was not tired".

I have been single for as long as 2 years till I met this magnificent noble man, who was going for running whiles I planned to work one early morning. He moved toward me and clearly, I realized he planned to get some information about my name and accept my contact as it has been normal of certain men, meeting pleasant women. 

He did likewise as I was suspecting and he called me exceptionally late in the evening. We chatted on the telephone for like 3 hours prior to heading to sleep. We had recently met that day and it resembled we have been companions for a serious longer timeframe, because of how the science between us was functioning. 

Taking a gander at the state of affairs going, we were succumbing to one another, yet I would not like to fall into such an adoration once more, until I believe I am prepared to get hitched, in view of the 'injury' I went through in my past relationship. 

He proposed to me, yet I disclosed to him I was not prepared for any relationship. He made an honest effort to get near me and give a valiant effort to win me, yet I actually demanded. One morning he chose to go running with me and I yielded. 'We went for 8 rounds, however I was not drained'. He got drained severally and that was the great we had. 

He saw me to be an extremely tough lady in light of the fact that, after the '8 rounds of running we had, I was not drained'. As far as he might be concerned, he won't ever leave me for any man along these lines. Steadily, I was beginning to look all starry eyed at him and arranged my brain to acknowledge his proposition, yet there is one issue. 

I must realize that, he is the closest companion of my Ex beau and this is truly upsetting me. Would it be advisable for me to consent to his proposition or not?

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