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8 Best Love Whatsapp Conversation You Can Have With A Girl

1. Talk to her as a friend and not as a father trying to protect his daughter.

2. Let her complete before you begin. If you need to think a lot on finding a topic to talk , you are still not deeply in love. Or is it just infatuation for the time being.

3. Don’t keep repeating “I love You “ very often , sometimes she might just repeat it back just because you said it first . Prove it everyday.

4. Ask her how her day was, don’t dig into questions like “ who was with you ?” “ what were so many guys doing there with you?? “ . Just try to hear her out and live her day instead of asking her really weird half minded questions . Girls are smart enough to understand whether it is just casual question or serious doubt .

5. Tease her , but don’t offend her . eg: Do this “ You did such a great thing last day of forgetting to get me my notes “ But don’t do this “ I know how dumb and useless you are, you just forgot to get me my notes “Just say things that can instantly make her blush eg : You : I know what you are thinking . She: what?? He : That one of us is on the wrong bed . She: Oh really?? You : Yah I can make that out by the way you are gonna smile in just 1 second . She: hahaha lol , I am not smiling at all. You : why don’t you go to the mirror and see yourself, and imagine me holding you from behind while you take a weird selfie.

6. Don’t talk any gossip about some other ‘girl’ or anyone else in general . If you can say something to her about other girls , you can definitely say something about her before someone else. Girls are smart enough to make that out .

7. Don’t talk something really complicated , you might be the most intelligent person on planet earth but that's not how things work when it comes to love , you need to find things that she likes the most and make sure you talk a lot over it.

8. Listen to her carefully when she is telling you something really sad . She is telling you something just because she wants someone to listen to her and not provide an expert opinion . Instead of saying “ I will fight the world for you “ . “ I can live and die for you “ , “ I will destroy anyone who hurts you “ and “I love you till moon and back “ , “ only death can do us apart” Say things like “ You take a step and I will be there for you “ , “ Don’t fear people, you are stronger and better than the one’s who hurt you “ , “ You are gonna get more than what you have today “ , “ I might not be there when you smile but I would definitely be there when you cry “ . Empower them and don’t make them dependent.

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