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Friends With Benefits : Disadvantages

It’s a modern age and it seems as if anything goes, doesn’t it? Having a friend with benefits can be tempting especially if you are lonely. Let’s be honest, we all have needs! Nobody judges but what disadvantages might you be opening yourself up to.

Friends with benefits is a friend with whom one has an occasional and casual sexual relationship.

·      When you get yourself into that situation, it is all about having someone available for a physical relationship. Because this is not a normal relationship, you will have to ensure that you don’t try to lean on the person for emotional support. This can be hard and it can be exceptional hurtful when you make the mistake of trying to get emotional support, and the friends with benefits rejects you.

·      You technically can’t fault friends with benefits for flirting with other people because you aren’t committed to each other. They are allowed to hook up with other people. They are allowed to get in a relationship with someone else. But after all of the moments you’ve spent together, you might not want them with anyone else.

·      It might destroy your confidence. Knowing this person isn’t interested in a serious relationship with you might screw your head. It might make you wonder whether there is something wrong with you. It might upset you that they consider you good enough to sleep with but not good enough to date.

·      Jealousy is something that happens naturally when you start to have feelings for your friend. It comes natural and you shouldn’t beat yourself up over it, however, it is definitely something that can complicate things in the end. Trust me on this one, when jealousy comes into play, it’s a disadvantage.

·      It can break up friendship. Let’s say that you want to stop the friends with benefits relationship and instead  go back to being friends. It can be hard after you’ve had sex with your friend to go back to just being friends. Infact, this has to do with breaking up your friendship. It can happen and you’ve got to know that before you start this type of relationship.

·      The biggest disadvantage of friends with benefits relationship is the fact that it could end anytime without warning. Maybe your special friend finds a boyfriend or girlfriend or maybe he or she gets tired of you. No matter what, it will come to an end one day.

·      Keep in mind, having a friend with benefits doesn’t mean you are dating. Affection and intimacy beyond friendly banter changes your brain and body responses. It’s easy for one of you to start having romantic feelings which can cause major chaos in an old friendship. Even if each of you begins to consider dating a real possibility, you may not be as compactible as lovers as you were as friends.

“Friends with benefits” almost always gets messy. Whether it ends with a bang or sputters and dies. Slowly, the aftermath usually isn’t worth the risk. So think long and hard before jumping into bed with a friend. You may ruin what you had for only a few nights of fun.

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