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How To Tell If Someone Truly Loves You

In todays world, many people proffer love for us in many ways. It has been made easier by the social media platforms that are readily available.

But how do we know that what they offer is true love? How can we tell the difference between true love and fake love?

There are many types of love, we have the agape which is the godly love we have for one another.

There is also the brotherly love that exists among siblings and parents.

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There is this lustful love that many people have for others. It makes people blush and lust after good looking men and women. You feel like you want to be with them but just for the lust not love.

Many other types of love can be talked about but when a spouse or a girlfriend says she loves you, what does she really mean?

Is there a way yo find out if what they are saying is actually true?

Indeed there is, the number one check of true love is sacrifice.

What sacrifices do your love one make for you. God gave out his only begotten son as a sacrifice to mankind. That is his ultimate show of true love towards us.

If you are therefore with a person who said he or she loves you but does not sacrifice time, friends, other pleasures, cheating, extended family et al for you based on your circumstances, you need to take a second and ask if their love is true.

He loves you or she loves but cannot sacrifice for you or even blames you for his or her actions that hurt you, that love is questionable.

Sacrifice in my opinion is the only true check of true love.

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