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DATE RUSH: What Love Can Do, Grandpa Carried Her Away - Read more.

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Date Rush everyone deserves love, so Grandpa too, don't be surprised Grandpa had a date. Yesterday he was serious right from the beginning. Even his answers to Giovani question said it all. He said the father advised him never to abuse a woman or disrespect her in anyway.

This is how it all happens...

First profile video: Susana said she came on Date rush to look for love, she is God fearing, love making friends but she hate nonsense!! Well, she couldn't explain what type of nonsense she was referring to. We move... 

After her first profile video, 5 rushed went off remaining 5 on. 

Desmond said he had his rush off because the girl grow past him moreover, she said she doesn't like nonsense. 

Nhyiraba was not happy with the lady for turning him down when he wanted to dance with her, but the lady explain she did it for a reason known to her, though she apologize for that. 

Eii Grandpa was falling already. The connection is deep!! 

Second profile video: she said her ex-boyfriend was not in town but keeps asking for nude pictures which she couldn't stand it and walked out of the relationship. Then 1rush off and another 1 on, total rushes on still remains 5.

Third & final profile profile video, she said she is ever ready to get marry if things workout well. 

Aww!! Sorry for Desmond as he wanted to put on his rush again, shockingly the lady told him it's too late for him, he should not not to try it because she will put it off if he dare put it on. Y- e- s!! he dare her by putting it on. 

Now, between 'Desmond and Grandpa' she put out her question. 

"If we go out for a date, in case arm rubbers attacks us, as a result I got blind, would you still Love me or send me back to my parents?" She asked.

Similar answers, both of them were ever ready to be with her no matter what. 

She put of Desmonds rush and chose Grandpa. She had a Date!! 

You know fans will always has their opinions. Reactions below...

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