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Check Out What This Lady Told The Young Man That Went Viral On The Social Media

A young lady who is believed to come from Nigeria has given a shock to some people on the social media after saying this to her boyfriend. According to the lady, the boyfriend invited her to his place to come and have a good time with him. But to her surprise the boyfriend could not satisfied her as she was expecting. From the video spotted saw the young man giving an excuse by saying, he was suffering from malaria that could not allow him satisfied her as she desire.

The young lady continue to lament by saying, "why do most men always find an excuse when they are not able to satisfy their partner in bed". According to the lady, she wants someone who can shift her womb. The video as spotted is confusing a lot of people online. The reactions this video has received is quite interesting. Many people believe what the young lady was saying could be true while other people also believe for your partner to satisfy you in bed, it depends on both.

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One may ask why a video that has be done in Nigeria been reported in Ghana. But the fact is, sexual encounter plays a major role in our marital journey and for that matter, anything in connection with marriage has to be in the public for many people to read and learn something from it. Well why do women of this generation normally consider men who can satisfy them in bed regardless?

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