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VIDEO: A Man Withdrew His Proposal Message To His Girlfriend After He caught Her Doing This In Bed

In relationships, there are some things that women do that completely turn guys off. Improper personal hygiene, uncleanliness of the room they are staying in, arrogance and rudeness toward family members, and cheating on them with various men are only a few of these things. However, the man in your picture walks away not because of any of the aforementioned attitudes on the side of the lady.

Watching the probable video skit closely, the man entered the room quietly without the knowledge of his girlfriend. He then knelt down and was about to surprise his girlfriend with the promise ring when he heard a very loud sound coming from the backside of the lady. The position in which the lady was sleeping is such that it is directly opposite to where the man was kneeling down.

The lady farted continuously for about 15 seconds before she stop. She didn't know that there was someone in the room at that time. She woke up after that and to her surprise, she has embarrassed herself completely in front of her boyfriend. The boyfriend got annoyed, closed the box containing the promised ring and walked away without saying a word.

Some Ghanaians after coming across this video said that the lady did nothing wrong because farting is an involuntary action and that this can happen to anybody. Others also think that the lady messed up big time so the guy was right to walk away. What is your take on this video? Share your thoughts.


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