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Husband and wife relationship

Why Some Married Couples Are Waxing Strong?

Sometimes, you wonder why some couples are waxing strong and growing better together. The secret lies in some deliberate things they consciously and continuously do together, individually and in UNITY.

Let's share a few of these things that can help us to minimize conflicts.

1. praying together: A family that prays together will stand, win and enjoy victory together. Draw strength from God as an individual and a couple. You need God all the way.

2. study and practice the word of God: We have principles of running a Christian home that will become Heaven on earth. Search the scriptures, obey and practice them.

3. Forgiveness: Learn to forgive and forget ahead. Dwelling for long on offenses and things that hurt you will slow you down in growing with your spouse.

4. playing together: I mean play, crack jokes, have fun and relate well. You are too strict and overburdened with many things. Enjoy yourself with your spouse in marriage. Create bonding activities and befriend each other.

5. Transparency or openness: Sin and all manners of activities thrive in secrecy. Stop hiding from your spouse, be open and transparent. Let this be your new way of life.

6. effective communication will aid your transparency: Speak the truth in love and gel together.

7. value each other and your relationship: Guard and regard what is valuable to you. See your spouse and relationship as precious and of great value. Nothing should make you downgrade/disdain your relationship. Pay attention to it and work things out.

8. words of comfort and show immense support: When you know the atmosphere at home and you are convinced of the pillar Your spouse has been, you will not grow weary in the pursuit of your vision. Give your spouse u quantifiable support.

9. Safeguard your Bedroom: This is your strong room oh! Don't joke with it. Sex in marriage between a husband and his wife is a gift from God to the married; it must be celebrated, not to be abused or misused. Do it well as acceptable unto the Lord and enjoyable to yourselves as couples.

When you pay attention to the above and humble give yourself to continuous learning and improvement, you will become stronger and better in marriage and would minimax conflicts at home.

Your marriage will be blissful in the name of Jesus.

Content created and supplied by: bankasfrancis (via Opera News )

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