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'Any man that takes bank loans to do a wedding is not a man ready for marriage' - Dr Pastor Fobeah

Christ Living Ministries Temple head pastor, Dr Pastor Fobeah Nkrumah has thrown his anger unto individuals, especially the family and friends closer to bride and grooms, to stop using their influence negatively on such couples, and rather use it positively. Speaking at a wedding event this morning, the head pastor and the officiating pastor for Mr and Mrs Atta Takyie; Pastor Fobeah said that, money is hard and couples should be compelled and forced to choose moderate wedding styles.

Let's encourage our children to step in a direction that will protect their interests, rather than forcing them into taking loans and debts for their future. I am a member of the loan taking commission and knows how it can destroy you. I went to do it, bachelors, in the US. I stayed for ten years which I worked sometime before advancing to a Masters and later to a Doctorate.

If it wasn't for my bachelors, I would have completed my doctorate earlier than done. I took huge funding for my bachelors in the US and that made me became a worker of paying the debt for closer to ten years before I became free. It it wasn't for God, I wouldn't have survived it.

The same thing will happen to your children if you don't guide them to make better life choices and live within our means. Marriage is not a debt and nobody should be allowed to take loans to go cover up their unimaginable marriage lifestyles. Let me tell you this, any man that takes bank loans to a wedding is not a man ready for marriage itself.

Your feeding after the marriage, your living, your children's education and all the other expenses will make you live poor and will kill you faster than your time, so as a man, use the small you have and do a humble wedding and live happily ever after. You are not under competition with anyone, the wedding you think will be the talk of time will be overshadowed by next month so don't waste much money and join us at the table of married men.

Any money you have for your wedding, divide it into two and use one for your wedding and the one for your life after the wedding. Listen to me youth, weddings are not impressive but life after the wedding is the real deal, the pastor said before blessing Mr and Mr Takyie.

Mr and Mrs Takyie was blessed in a simple union and it was by that, Pastor Dr Fobeah was using to encourage the others to follow and do such simple weddings and live happily free from loans after marriage.

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