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8 Questions Every Guy Should Ask A Woman He's Dating

It is important that when you are in a relationship, there are some certain questions which you should ask your partner. Especially if you are just started the relationship. This question is very helpful because by asking these questions it helps you know what your partner likes or dislikes. And you can be able to avoid such things that can put your relationship at risk.

However, as a man, there are certain questions you should ask the woman you are dating. Don't just create the impression that she knows everything.

1. What qualities do you want from me?

This question is very important. As a man, asking a woman you are dating this question can be really helpful. This will help you work on the character or behaviors that might cause a breakup or put an end to your relationship. And also let you understand the qualities she wants from you.

2. Do you want to stay with me forever?

As a man, it is also advisable you ask her this question. This will help you get to know where your relationship is heading. Or if she would like to be with you forever. When you ask her this question. The kind of reply you get back from her will determine where the relationship is heading, so you won't end up wasting your time or regretting everything.

3. What are those things I do that get you upset or angry at me?

4. What do you want?

In a relationship, it gets to a point where you would need to ask the woman you're dating this question. Just to understand or know what next step you should take.

5. Tell me the best advice you've received.

6. What quality of mine do you respect most?

As a man, when you ask her this question. And get to know the quality in you she respects the most. This will help you in improving and try to be better than you were.

7. What do you like most about yourself?

8. What bad habit do you want me to give up?

This question can help go a long way in every relationship. This is because it will help you improve your relationship. I understand that no one is perfect, but when you know what you do which makes your partner uncomfortable. This will help you make the necessary correction and give up on such a habit or behavior and become better.

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