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3 Simple Ways To Make Women Put You On A Pedestal. Check Them Out.

Hello lovers, Thank you for clicking on this article. I hope you are strong and healthy, as I'm over here. I wish you good luck for the rest of the day. Without wasting much time, I'm going to let you know four simple ways to make women put you on a pedestal. I'm going to teach you how to make women love, respect, adore, cherish, worship, and sing your name every day. Women will put you higher ahead of them if you do these three simple things I'm about to list below.

1. 'Believe You Are The Prize.

Be confident and believe you are the prize. Let her know you are the type of guy who, even if you are not rich or good looking, you like who you are and love what you do. Act like an Alpha male. Don't ever think she is out of your league or that she is too beautiful to be your girlfriend.

2. Stop looking for validation.

If you believe in yourself and understand what you are doing, then why do you need other people's approval or to tell you what to do? I mean, don't wait for people to tell you you are attractive or tell you how good you are. Don't chase compliments. What makes it awesome in a relationship or dating is that one of you is looking for validation. It is either you or her. And she is looking for your approval, waiting for you to say she looks good, wonderful, beautiful, and so on, and if you are not giving it to her, that is going to drive her crazy. And since she is the one chasing you, now she is going to see you as the prize. She is going to feel like you are worth it.

And once she is looking for validation from you, she is going to beg to hear just a little compliment from you. She will try to make you like her more and put so much effort into making you realize that she is perfect for you.

3. Set Boundaries And Have Standards.

You should be able to set boundaries between you and women. You should let her know what is going to fly and what won't fly. And when she does the thing that you said should not fly, make sure you check it, don't let it slide, because if you don't, that means you don't have a standard. Always express your thoughts about your beliefs respectfully. Let her know what you like and what you don't like.

Thank you for reading.

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