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We Dated For 1 Month, I Got Pregnant, He Left me And Went Back to His Ex-Girlfriend - Lady Narrates

Sheila Marete revealed in an interview that she only went out with her boyfriend for a month, became pregnant, informed her boyfriend, and then left her to return to her ex-girlfriend.

Sheila and her boyfriend were a long good friend, in which his friendship turned into a romantic relationship, but only one month. Chile claims that he realized that his boyfriend was betrayed by his former friend, while he still went out and he was sad and decided to divorce. She claims her boyfriend up with her, but, because never after misleading her previous girlfriend to marry, I decided to live alone and when his boyfriend abandoned.

According to Sheila, her girlfriend's family knew that she was pregnant, but her parents were not good with her son married a woman from another tribe and that the main reason could not be married. Sheila says that even after birth, his former friend was not interested in the child, but could not be an opportunity to meet her child. 

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