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A young gentleman sets social media on fire with his little act of kindness towards a little girl.

The undisclosed young gentleman narrates how he felt compassion and obliged to help a little girl he always sees selling on the streets in his neighborhood. According to the gentleman the child should be in school or home playing with her age mates or even enjoying some quality time with the family but rather he always sees her hawking on the streets and that's something quite worrying.

Young Gentleman:

I always see her selling in our neighborhood with joy despite seeing her age mates playing around.

On this particular day which was a holiday whilst everybody was home spending it with their family and love ones. She came around selling but this time with not the regular joy on her face. For the first time i called her and asked why she looks sad. She didn't want to tell me but i insisted and she told me she have been roaming all day but no one has bought any of her products.

I told her to calculate the price of the whole thing she was carrying. After buying the everything she was shock.

She said please is there anything i can do for you like washing or cleaning. I told her the only thing she can do for me now is to go home to her family.

Once again the joy on her face has been restored with just a little effort. Most people have long since commended him for his loving and kind gesture.

Every man is born equal but not every man receives equal opportunities, this is so true when it comes to the life we live in. Whiles most people are born in riches with a silver spoon in the mouth others are born to fend for themselves and have to hustle all day just to have their daily bread.

Kudos to the gentleman, every act of kindness counts.

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