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Police Caution Public About Resolving Marital Issues On Air, Ready To Stop Programs As Such

The Asokwa Municipal Police Commander has expressed concern over the public interest in discussing marital problems and couples' private lives on the radio, citing some things as being far more delicate and not to be digested by the public domain.

The Police Chief is concerned since most of these radio stations are unable to find answers to some of the marital problems they highlight on a daily basis.

Could it be true that some complainants who have their cases heard on the radio are mocked? What is the best way for some of these radio station hosts to deal with problems that arise? I have a couple of coworkers and tenants who stay up late listening to the radio or watching similar things on TV, some of which are quite emotional.

The police chief voiced concern over how some of these radio stations parody certain situations that come to their attention. According to him, most radio stations end up mocking the couples they claim to be assisting in resolving conflicts, and he attributes the rising number of divorces and shattered houses to this new trend.

He emphasized that most couples subsequently regret their acts and deeds and may desire to reconcile, but that things may have gotten out of hand - beyond resolution.

Supt. Kaakyere Owoahene Achampong also sensitised on the human rights issues, cautioning the public to know their rights to avoid abusing their right to life, right to freedom and privacy, and ensure that we are equal before the law, irrespective of one’s status in society.

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