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Five Things Guys Do Which Totally Turn Ladies Off

Obvious things like bad breath and cocky attitudes are turn offs for women, but it goes far beyond that. Women want a genuine guy. A guy who cares for her regardless of what he gets in return is a decent guy. More than anything, women want respect. Anything but that is a turn off for women. Even the “nicest” guy in the world can lack respect for women. So, whether you just met or you’re getting serious, be sure to avoid these turn offs for girls, or else you’ll chase her away. This particular write-up lays emphasis on five things guys do which turn girls off.

Insecurity. One of the biggest turn offs for women is a guy who’s insecure about himself. If you’re not confident about yourself, it shows. Now, nerves are normal. Everyone gets nervous. But, insecurity is another thing entirely. Being nervous comes with dating. But if you are insecure, you are putting out much more intense vibes. You might seem like you don’t deserve happiness. Or perhaps you make too many self-deprecating jokes. You may even seem harsh or rude because you’re frustrated with yourself.

Mixed signals. Mixed signals may be one of the biggest turn offs for women there is. I’m serious. All women want is honesty. Be straightforward. No one wants mind games. The amount of effort it takes to date without all the confusion is enough. Who has the energy to be keeping it mysterious? If you like her, tell her. Looking for something casual? Then don’t lead her on.

Being close-minded. We all have our opinions, but not willing to hear her out is a turn off for girls. You don’t need to agree with everything she says, as I’m sure she won’t agree with everything you say. But, being open to hearing her take is what makes a good date. If you shut her down when she argues your point, it is not a good look.It doesn’t matter if you’re talking politics or which director of a superhero movie is best. Being close-minded won’t get you anywhere. If she is sharing her opinion, you not listening will be the definition of a turn off for women.

Being a poor listener. You should already know that this is a turn off for women. Whether she is a talker or not, you should be a good listener. It doesn’t take much to listen well. This doesn’t mean you stare at her boobs and let her talk. It means you actively listen and interact with her when she speaks. If you like her, this shouldn’t be difficult. If you don’t want to be a turn off for women, focus on what she is saying.

Going silent. We live in an age of online dating and texting being our main source of communication. Going silent on her for days and then acting like it was no big deal is messed up. You are not taking her feelings into account which is a turn off for women. If you’ve made any sort of connection, she deserves at least a text saying you’re busy.

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