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UNIVERSITY DATING: Is it a sign of growing up or an excuse not to?

University dating is a subject that could spark a widespread controversy in seconds. Regarding Ecclesiastes 3:17, the debate always hinges on whether the period is right. Where do you belong and what informed your stance? The popular question remains, “Is the topic a sign of growing up or an excuse not to?”.

People crave for freedom during that era of their lives. They do what they want and think it’s right. In the same stage, one ushers oneself into the next aspect of adulthood. The powerful urge which drives students into relationships becomes inevitable. They assume it depicts growth, as they try to live in a similar adult fashion.

On the other end, people consider the above notion is rather an excuse not to grow up. Anyone who upholds responsibility will deter from this “distraction” at such a critical moment in life. To be honest, most university students don’t develop their full potential because they channel more efforts to side businesses, including dating.

The choice all zeroes down to your perspective. How would you describe the issue?

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