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Your Boyfriend Genuinely Loves You When You Notice These 6 Signs

1. He will do anything to give you everything. When a guy fall in love, he adores you like a baby. You are like a baby to him. he will protect you. If it comes to that, he fight for the girl he loves.

2. He will care about you. You will feel it. If you are crossing a road with him. He will hold your hand and place himself in such a way that the approaching vehicle hits him first, if anything of that sort, god forbid, happens. It all comes subconsciously.

3. If he finds you crying, he will do anything to bring that smile back. When a guy sincerely love a girl, he just can’t see her sad. He just can’t digest the fact that she is crying. He take it personally. He holds himself responsible for everything bad that happens to you. He will cry inside for you.

4. He will always have your back. Even when everyone has left, you will find him standing behind you. To hold you, if a guy genuinely fall for you. He just don’t care about the world. My girl, needs me. He will be there, no matter what. That’s what love does to our mind. He will always have your back.

5. When we guys love a girl, we respect her so much that we just cannot see her naked. We just can’t lose you over something as superficial as sex. If you want sex, you will have to initiate the talk. We just can’t. That’s an irony. When in love. We just can’t imagine ourselves getting physical with the girl we love. When a guy loves you, you will be the last person he thinks about before going to sleep and first person he thinks about after waking up.

6. When a guy loves you, he just wants to see you happy. He just wishes to see you smile. Your one smile is enough to lift his mood up. Your one smile is enough to skip his beat.

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