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Dating Romantic

Make her fall for you. Follow the ultimate rules and win her over.

Do you want a girl to fall madly in love with you? Well this is the article for you. Making a girl fall for you is not as hard as many men see it only if you apply the right condition. If you follow the right instructions, you can win the most difficult lady in your hood.

Every girl has qualities she expects a man to have before she accepts his proposal but the truth is these are all fantasies. Ladies can fall for any man no matter his nationality, complexion, ethnic groups, financial status, career or how built his body is. They just need attention. Follow the rules.

1. Establish trust with her. Make her understand that she is the only one you are dating and your heart belongs to only her. Prove to her that your not a player

2. Respect her privacy and space. Some guys are like pulling up on girls everywhere, Everytime no matter who their with. Give her some space if you feel like she demands it. One of the most important thing is if you meet her friends who you probably haven't met before, allow her to introduce you as her boyfriend to them... If it works out for you.

3. Come up with conversation of her interest when you are chatting with her. Take time to know her well. Do not make nasty comments about her or other girls or she may think that your a player.

Don't forget that strong and long lasting relationship is based on truth and trust.

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