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Special weekend: 5 kente styles specially for your engagement.

In a Ghanaian traditional wedding, the couple and the wedding party dress in kente cloth to give the feeling of royalty.

Kente cloth is special on many levels. Around the world, the unique patterns and colors are easily identifiable as a representation of West African culture. In modern day Ghana, where the tradition of weaving Kente cloth began centuries ago, it's a sign of national and ethnic pride, printed on shoes, bags, and clothing throughout the nation. All tribes in Ghana have, and wear, a unique Kente design. While the details of its origins are contested, the legend of Kente’s creation also plays an important role in the folklore of many Ghanaians.

To the person wearing or displaying the cloth, Kente carries an even deeper significance. Every pattern, color, and shape has a specific meaning, and arrayed together onto the cloth, combines to represent a singular narrative. This gives each Kente design its own unique, symbolic value. Kente cloth may symbolize the wearer’s status or mark a festive occasion. It can also represent a story, anecdote, or set of values.

Weddings are a very special, beautiful and joyous occasion whether we are the ones getting married or not. Dressing like royalty on your wedding day us a must, this is because your special day happens once in a lifetime. 

Many people fumble and are always uncertain and confused about the colour, design and texture, style or design of the kente they want to use.

The confusion is due to the fact there are many nice colours on the market and there might probably be a few disagreements between bride and groom or even bride's family and groom's family.

Recently, many brides couples have used red, yellow, green and many beautiful kente to look like royalty on their day.

Today I bring you 5 engagement styles with different colours to try on your special day.

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