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Painful Results Of Dating A Married Woman

Are you involved in a relationship with a married woman? Are you completely aware that you’re attracting curse and all the consequences that dating a married woman brings with it?

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Home Breaker    

 As You should be aware that your actions have the ability to seriously damage another man's happy family. The longer you have an extramarital relationship with a married lady, the less time and affection she give her marriage vows, weakening her dedication to her family.

Husband’s Wrath

The worst thing that can happen to a man's ego is if his wife has an extramarital affair. No one in his right mind would be so foolish as to disregard that. A man with a shattered ego is inclined to go to great lengths to exact retribution. Even if she was the one who seduced you, it would be irrelevant in this situation.

You will always be a Second Option

Yes you heard me right you will always be a second option. No sensible woman will leave her lovely and father of her children to be with her side man. Come to think of it she will never leave her husband for you. You will always be a second option.

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