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Viral Video of Man kneeling to beg his Girlfriend in Public [watch]

A man seen in public with both knees on the floor has gone viral on social media after reports suggest he was not about to pop the question, rather, he was begging for forgiveness.

In the video, the emotional man who seemed quite sorry for an undisclosed incident was spotted on his knees as he publicly begged his girlfriend for forgiveness at an eatery.

However, efforts from the emotional man to his woman seemed futile as the lady apparently stuck to her guns and appeared to be disinterested in his plea.

click on the links to watch the videos below

Also: Uber has released its highly-anticipated safety report, which revealed 464 incidents of rape in two years in the United States alone.

In total, there were 5,981 reports of sexual assault in 2017 and 2018, In 2018, more than 3,000 sexual assaults were reported during its U.S. rides. That figure includes 229 rapes across the company’s 1.3 billion rides.

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