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7 Reasons Why Women Play Hard to Get

Dating is more like a game, no matter how much we glorify it with books, songs, and films. There are some signs you can learn that will help you work out if she is playing hard to get or not. "The chase" can be one of the most exciting parts of a new relationship. Scan through the followimg to have a clue about their game "hard to get".

1. She’s observing your true intentions

She’s not sure if you’re really interested in her or if you just want to sleep with her. So, by playing hard to get, she can work that out for herself and save the heartbreak later on.

2. She's testing you 

Is she playing hard to get just to test you out a little? This is one of the biggest reasons why women play this game - she's working out how serious you really are. By testing you, she can work out if you're likely to crack under pressure or whether you're someone she can truly rely on.

3. She has trust or abandoned issues 

It's possible that she was hurt in the past, and she's still carrying some of the baggage around with her. She may be worried about jumping into a new relationship because she doesn't want to forget the idea of being with you. In that case, she's worried about showing her total interest.

4. She likes the validation and enjoys the game. 

For some women, attention is just something they crave. Don't assume that if she's playing hard to get, she's trying to torture you. Some women love being chased, and it gives them a sense of validation when you're throwing all your attention her way.

5. She likes to be in control

Is she playing hard to get because she likes to be the one holding the reins? Quite possibly so. Some women like to be the ones calling the shots. And when she’s playing hard to get, she’s got you right where she wants you.

6. She has low self-esteem

It might not be that she has previous relationship baggage, but that maybe she has low self-esteem. She’s worried about jumping into a relationship and getting hurt and she’s perhaps worried that you’re not serious in your interest.

7. She’s taking the time to explore her options.

It may be that you’re not the only one in her sights. She may be trying to work out which guy is best for her. And by playing hard to get, she’s earning some time to do just that.

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