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Why You Should Not Date Your Class Mate

Campus is known to be for academics . Even though the main purpose of going to campus is to learn and obtain a certificate, a lot of things happen which have nothing to do with academics. This includes lifestyle, relationships and much more.

Campus life can be very exciting due to various experiences and happenings that take place. One interesting thing that cannot be left out when talking about campus life is campus dating. Dating someone you are on the same campus with comes with it’s pros and cons. This can sometimes be really awkward. However, what is more awkward is dating someone you are in the same class with.

That is, dating a course mate. I have on several occasions rejected proposals from guys in my class not because they are not worthy but just because of the fact that I am in the same class with them. I have heard stories about people who started dating while in school and ended up getting married but that is not for all cases.

For some people, dating someone in your class can cause a lot of things to go wrong. In as much as it will be nice sitting closer to your boyfriend or girlfriend in class, chitchatting undertone while the teacher teaches, holding hands under tables and more, there are other disturbing challenges that come with dating someone from your class. 

One of such things is having to see your partner all the time. I can’t deny that seeing your partner brings a happy feeling but too much of it can also cause boredom. Always seeing your partner on campus, sitting in the same class and spending more than half of your day together everyday can be worrying. It may get to a time when seeing the person might no longer excite you as it has always been because the person is always with you.

There will no longer be the excitement, anxiousness and the zeal of seeing your boyfriend or girlfriend. All those feelings become ordinary feelings. This can even cause boredom between you and your partner because you are used to seeing ourselves everyday and with time it becomes boring.

Moreover, worrying about appearance becomes key when dating a course mate. One always has to look good but the urge to look good or even better increases when you always have to be seeing your partner. You sometimes worry about what to wear, whether what you are wearing is okay and even some go to the extreme of wanting to be the ones wearing the best outfits in class.

This is to always make their partners see that they have no competitors in class in terms of appearance. This could also be because of insecurity. That is, there are other nice ladies and guys in the class who may interact with your partner for various purposes.

Ensuring that they do not look better than you to attract your partner's attention will always make you worry about your appearance. Other times, there are people who do not have much money to buy the trending clothes but in a quest to please their partners, they may engage in bad activities to get money to buy the nicest clothes, shoes and bags. Therefore wanting to look extra good in class everyday because you have a boyfriend or girlfriend in the class can cause you to worry unnecessarily.

There is also the issue of having to deal with academics and feelings. No one wants to look dump or stupid in front of their partners. But there are so many things that can cause you to look dump in front of your partner if in the same class. For instance if a lecturer asks you a question and you are not able to answer, you are supposed to feel maybe a little shy and get over it.

However if it happens that you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend in the class and you are unable to answer questions, then you will be left feeling silly. You will be worried about what your boyfriend or girlfriend will think about your inability to answer a question in class. You will have to keep worrying about it which is not healthy. Still on balancing feelings with academics, some people give less attention to their academics when they are dating someone in their class.

Sometimes they choose to dodge lectures, preferably stay together like married couples doing all manner of things not academically related. This can go a long way to affect their academic performance which is why dating a classmate may not be the best.

We can also talk about privacy. Every human sometimes needs privacy but always being by your partner's side can make getting your privacy a bit difficult. You may have to explain why you were speaking to someone in class, what you were doing around someone, why a course mate approached you and much more. This can bring about jealousy and mistrust. This can also prevent you from having time with your friends because you always have to be around your boyfriend or girlfriend all the time. 

Regardless of this, there are people who have dated classmates and married them in the future. It all depends on who you are dating and the love you both have for yourselves. For some it works, for others it does not.

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