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I'm In Love With A Guy For 3 Years And I've Not Been Able To Tell Him Because I Might Look Cheap

Three years down the lane, I was invited to church service by a pastor and heeded to go. My first day at church was very awesome. I bumped into this cute guy I met at the entrance. Immediately, my heart missed a beat and I almost felt of breaking down.

I held myself strong and went to sit down. During the church, I totally lossed focus and tried to recount what went on earlier. I definitely knew I was in love with the guy. He used to kept his distance anytime he sees me and I felt a little bit awkward. I'm I not Interesting? A thought of that came into my head and I quickly brush it off.

I got to the house and felt a big burden has been lifted off me. I'm totally in love. I discussed what went on with my friends immediately I got to the house they were all happy for me. This guy is a graduate from KNUST and he pursued Accounting.

He is from a respectable home and little did I know his mum was a Minister of trade. I did everything possible to get his attention but he tried to take his eyes off me. I get jealous anytime I see him with a lady and that sparks my uproar.

We got entangled more the very day he commented on an issue I raised in the church group. I'm in love with him for 3 years and I'm not able to tell him because he might see me as cheap.

Please I need your advice as to what to do. Follow TrendingRoom for more interesting stories.

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