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Elizato-Don't compare your struggling boyfriend with your Sugar Daddy.

Elizato is one of Ghanaian greatest philosophers and Ghanaians know him through his famous funny quotes and have made it through the philosophical matters in Ghana. Elizato is also an radio presenter at Abusua Fm and people loves his show.In one of his videos, he advised girls not to compare their struggling boyfriends to their sugar daddies because their fathers failed that is why they hanging out and sleeping with their mates for money. He continues by saying the money the sugar daddies are giving you is the money you failed to give you.

This statement he made in one of his videos has made a lot of people arguing about it because some people think others sleep with these sugar daddies because of financial problems and not because they want to make their comparison between the sugar daddies and their boyfriend. Some guys have also shared their view or opinion on this Elizato statement they said he is 100 percent right because of the money the sugar daddies give to their girlfriends sometimes they don't respect them and anything they give to their girlfriends they see to be small. They said these sugar daddies have been causing a lot of girls to leave with their boyfriends because they see them as not hardworking.

Let me share my view on this Elizato quotes I think he is right in some way because your struggling boyfriend is now starting his life so he might find some difficulties to provide all that you need so if you come him to someone who has made it in life and older than him it won't be fair. The struggling boyfriend is working hard to make it in life so if he can't provide his girlfriend with all of his needs it doesn't mean he has failed. Love is not all about money but if money enters it the love becomes sweeter and if you have any suggestions you can leave your comment below.

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Elizato Elizato-Don't Ghanaian Ghanaians Sugar


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