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Don't Get Up Yet: How To Make Her Fall Over Text

Do you want to ask a girl to go out via text (on Whatsapp, Telegram, Messenger or other) and make you say yes? Do you want to understand what phrases to use and what messages to send to invite her out and hear you answer a nice "Yes"? Inviting a girl to go out on Whatsapp, for those just starting out, may seem like a difficult thing. It's normal quiet, we've all been there.

From the very previous article you will understand a lot of practical concepts that will instantly improve the way you message with a woman, leading you to the results you want with women. Many guys, too many guys I see every day in the comments ask me “How can I invite out a girl I feel with on Whatsapp? What phrases should I use? What should I write?" . First of all, remember that if you text a girl it's because you want to go out with her.

Nothing else. You didn't ask her for her number to talk to her, you didn't ask her for her number to become her friend, you asked her for her number because you like her, you want to go out. The situation, on the other hand, is often not very positive: many guys are afraid to ask a girl to go out (both on Whatsapp and live) because they know that by doing so they overcome the "friend zone" that immediately makes them feel protected even if that area is leads them straight to be their friend.

But let's go one step at a time: why is there this fear of leaving the gray zone? Many guys, whom I call "good guys", when they act, they act to get a girl's approval, because they think a girl who approves of them is a willing girl. Too bad, however, that this is not the case , the approval that the nice guy wants from a girl has nothing to do with the attraction of this girl. The fear of getting out of this gray area comes from the fear of exposing oneself, making one's intentions clear.

In fact, getting out of the “friend zone” means breaking a present pattern to which the Nice Guy has always been accustomed: that is, behaving in a friendly way with the hope of going to bed with a woman. It is precisely this breaking of this pattern that leads to interesting things . Breaking this present pattern is the only real way I know of actually having sex with a woman. Remaining in the gray zone, on the other hand, means condemning yourself to an uncertain future, full of mental jerking, in which she does not understand if you try or not and you do not understand if she is there or not.


Many men are always late when they ask a girl out. In fact, the best time would be when you ask her for her phone number. That's the perfect time. For several reasons: You are in a favorable situation where she feels involved in your company It is more natural to ask her when she is there with you than to ask her via whastapp.


When you write to a woman, you do it for one reason only. To hang out, be with her, kiss her and have sex with her. It doesn't make sense that you behave differently, with moments when you write to her as a confidant or pretend to be a friend. Try to remember your goal and stay on course. Even if she tries to talk to you by treating you like a friend, you clearly behave like someone who is interested in her.


Many men get lost in limbo when they have to ask a girl out. They waste a lot of time chatting when it is enough to be synthetic. What matters to you, however, is not to make you say "yes", but to understand if she is really interested in you as a partner or not . And you won't get the same thing by talking to her as a friend but just by getting straight to the point.


One of the main mistakes that are made when asking a girl out is precisely that of "asking". A man who wants to go out with a girl should show full conviction that he wants to go out with her. Asking instead to propose takes away points from the attraction because a woman doesn't want to feel responsible for your exit. Yes I know it may seem almost silly but I assure you instead that it is a very important point for a woman. A woman wants a man who fights and exposes himself for her and not a man who needs her permission to act. Well we have come to an end, two important things before saying goodbye.

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