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Husband and wife relationship

Types of Women Who Can Simply Steal Your Man From You

When women get married, we try our best to protect our husbands from other women who might be dangerous to the marriage. These are the single women in our churches, those in our husband’s work places and also those who are our neighbors.

But there are some people we forget to monitor because we never suspect them due to any harm to our marriage.

And these are our best and close friends who we trust so much.

Friends can be the best thing to ever happen to you in this world. Because there are friends who stick better than sisters. But unfortunately there are mostly the same people who do things that are extremely painful to us.

In this article, I am addressing four types of friends who can change your marital destiny simply.

Friends that you share all your secrets with including issues about your marriage are the first kind of friends who can steal your husband from you with all ease.

The reason is, you share all your happiness, pains and all your marital problems with her. So they know the level of understanding and problems in your marriage and therefore know how to win your husband easily.

In this case one powerful way she can get your husband is to tell him all you have said about him to her. And also she will by then know your husband’s weakness and how to seduce him from your own communication with her.

The second set of friends who can bring you down by taking your husband from you are the type of friends who constantly want your attention. 

These are the friends who use any means to get your attention to know all that goes on in your marriage even when you're not ready to tell them.

These friends know when you are not at home and how to get your husband’s attention too due to the trust and cordiality between you both. And even sometimes when you meet your husband and her together you may not think negatively. These kinds of friends, you need to be very careful about them.

The final type of friend who is likely to send you away from a matrimonial home for them to take over are your friends who flirt with your husband.

There are bad friends and pretenders and they are the worst type of friends among all the aforementioned friends.

If you find out your friend calls you husband and speaks with him for hours when you are not around, then she is a big suspect. And she is looking for ways to bring you down so she can enter the picture.

My dear beautiful wife, please note that by definition, a couple is made up of two people, which is you and your husband. Never allow any third person into the mix, if you do things will go worse for you.

God bless all wonderful wives.

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