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Wedding planning scene

10 Kenyan Weird Wedding Photos Which Will Leave Your Head Shaking

Wedding day, is that day a woman dreams before it comes, and never wish to forget after it has passed.

For most guys, this is a day they never expect to happen, and they prefer to forget about it once it does.

In Kenya, a traditional wedding begins with wedding planning spearheaded by the wedding committee, followed by the wedding day and a honeymoon. What's left is a wedding anniversary, which is commemorated for a year on each day of the same wedding day.

We examine the material wedding day, particularly where Kenyans demonstrate their ‘creativity' when posing for wedding photos.

Fortunately or unfortunately, several of the stances wind up seeming odd, despite the original intention.

The images below are not deceiving!

Kickboxer Hubby

Assassin wife

Just check if parents are stalking

Rem Wheelbarrow that costed a county more than sh.100,000 each?

When acrobatic couple wed

This couple can give each other ‘kiss of life’

When your crash is among the best men

Upside down kiss beats gravity and sense

When you leave next to a border, you must use a boda boda

How to confuse enemies at your wedding

When a woman decides a posture vs when a man decides a posture

When pastor weds choir member

When you inspired by an ostrich

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